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At The Urban Incentive, Our Focus, Our Goal, is to continue to provide Space and Opportunities for The Urban Community. The best way to do this is “Keeping You In The Know”! We Are Proud to Announce our 1st Subscription of “The Urban Trend Magazine! “. This Magazine will provide you with the announcement of events taking place within the Urban Communities . We will also Highlight the New, Informative and Creative Journeys to Success! Is your story one of Motivation? We would love to Introduce the World To You!

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The Urban Trend Magazine.jpg
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The Urban Trend Magazine leads its readers onto the avenues of "Need to Know" within the Urban Community. From Business Development to the Implementing of Economic Growth and Thrive


 Shaunta  Moore Founder 

of the Urban Incentive addressing  the people at the Juneteenth 2022 event