Become a Business Affiliate

Thank you for being apart of such an amazing opportunity. The Urban Incentive has Several
Departments with one common goal in mind, which is The Revise and Revamp of the Urban
The Businesses Building Businesses Structure is made up of a conglomerate of Urban Owned
Businesses in an area that have agreed to spend a particular dollar amount of capital per
business, per month, to assist in sustaining the operations of said businesses. 

  Monthly Membership Fee:  $50



We have another Department where we take Donations to aid us as an organization in the area
of giving back to the community. There is no particular dollar amount that we recommend
because it all adds up to Different. We are committed to putting on an event/festivities each
month in an attempt to shift the narrative of the Urban Involvement within the Urban
Community. All Donations are tax deductible. Donations can be submitted via the SHOP page in the drop-down menu on this site. 

As a community united, we will shift the minds, and the people by being a constant example.

Welcome to the Beginning of the Beginning