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Buiness Starts With A Foundation

Our Community Events

Our Goal at the Urban Incentive BWS, is to intentionally implement change.

Intensive urban growth can lead to greater poverty, with local governments unable to provide services for all people.

When you have the existence of life altering suppressions in a community, it becomes inevitably plagued by low self-esteem, high crime rate, and little to no self-sufficiency. The areas of lack create a long-lasting domino effect for the youth and young adults. We are aiming to "Change the Narrative", one community at a time. "Be The Difference", is what Founder Sh'Aunta Moore states regularly. "If We don't, then Who Will"?

Leading by Example

It has become the norm, to see an issue, remind ourselves that it's not our fight, and then walk away. We have to ask ourselves, "Exactly, what is that doing to help the next generation. By turning a blind eye and a deaf ear, we are guaranteeing the failure and demise for the African American Population, our development, and Stability.

It takes a Community and its Intentional efforts the ensure that not only do we exist, but that we exist WELL!

Church Support and Collaborative Events


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